A Time for Vigilance by Lisa Miller

When there is turmoil, anxiety and dynamic shifts in society, there is opportunity for the enemy. 

There was opportunity for the enemy to exploit our regulatory weakness for they were ripe for the human weaknesses of greed and envy and it’s growing affect was hidden from consumers, taxpayers and investors. We can be conquered by these weaknesses. When I look around the Nation at the States that have been most proligate, I wonder what rot ails them.

Now is the time to be vigilant. Our financial health as a Nation is at risk. This profligate spending takes us closer to the precipice and we can ill afford any waste in time or money. The wounds need to be cauterized. Those responsible need to take the weight of their fall. This is what FDIC insurance is for.

All spending should be oriented toward reinvesting for a realigning economy. The American auto industry should be remade without any ties to the past, integrating all new technologies and high mpg for American needs in right to work States. The fact that as a Virginian in a metro city I CAN’T buy an electric car is OUTRAGEOUS. We are prevented from investing in reducing our own energy costs.

Regulation needs to be rewritten to allow for competition, innovation and agility. Free market priniples work within a framework of oversite that has an effective real time role in supervision, has NO duplicative reporting, is transparent to all consumers and does not insert charity or otherwise manipulate value and risk to “pick” winners.

When the world is fragile, the ONLY successful strategy is to rebuild on a solid foundation. Will either party be capable of attaining just, elegant regulation? I know there are conservatives – there just aren’t enough conservatives and districts are so polorized by jerrymandering, the possibility of overturning incumbents is near impossible.

I would welcome any suggestions about how to “fix” this problem by getting Congress to write CLEAN regulation for all Americans are suffering because of it. The ground work is being laid for the next boom and bust in energy even as we experience the bust from irresponsible regulations in mortgages and the boom of ethanol subsides in a 30% increase in food prices.


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