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Prank or warning?

Prank or warning?


You wake up on a Sunday morning looking forward to the day, after getting ready you go outside only to discover your McCain/Palin sign missing and the air let out of your tires.  This seemingly harmless prank is just the tip of the iceberg if we are to elect Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States.  The simple act of stealing a yard sign and letting the air out of a person’s tires is the first step in silencing the dissenters to the Obamessiah.  On the surface, this is nothing more than a supporter of Obama trying to play a prank, but beneath this event is the beginning of a long line changes designed to silence opposition. The stealing of the sign and subsequent tire vandalism is an attempt to deny someone their right to free speech.  By removing the “offending” sign and letting the air out of the tires they sent the message that the victim was not supposed to have the beliefs that they hold dear.  This scenario is terrorism in its most benign form.  The message that was sent that Sunday morning was a message of back Barack or else.  The home/vehicle owner has two options; one, they can comply and no longer display McCain/Palin sign, two they can replace the sign and refuse to be terrorized by the actions of a coward. 

The stealing of signs and the letting of air out of tires is just the tip of the iceberg, beneath the water line lies liberal suppression of the opposing viewpoint.  The election of Obama combined with strong Democrat majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate would allow the Democrats to further their liberal agenda and silence the viewpoint of conservatives everywhere.  A President Obama and liberal Democrat Congress would immediately reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.  The fairness Doctrine would take away the one section of media that conservatives now enjoy, talk radio.  With the destruction of conservative talk radio, the Fairness Doctrine could be extended to the internet where we could see the end of net neutrality.  Liberal run internet companies like Google could program their search engine to steer traffic to liberal websites and away from conservative ones.  With net neutrality gone, conservatives will no longer have a medium to express their views.  With no visible opposition, liberal Democrats will be able to run unchecked and destroy the nation. 

A stolen yard sign and a flat tire, prank or warning, the decision is yours…


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