The Truth About Obama: ACORN by Christopher George

It has been a climacteric Presidential election this 2008. As the election draws near to a close, people will begin to play their pivotal role as citizens to make an intellectual decision on whom to elect November the fourth. Whether that decision is truthfully intellectual will remain a question beyond the first week in November.

Barack Hussein Obama is an intelligent man. Born to a white mother and Kenyan father he is diverse not only in race, but in religion and ideology. He comes from a humble upbringing and carries impressive degrees from ivy league institutions, but he is not what many believe him to be, a consummate politician.

Barack Obama has been mendacious with the American people. His ties to ACORN are vividly known and proven through not only the media, but the state of Illinois. His ties to radical activist for the majority of his adult life have been denounced by Obama himself and his citizenship status looms over his head following a lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania attorney who happens to be a democrat.

ACORN: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. According to the ACORN website their “aim is to win power for low and moderate income families. It aims to make affordable housing, improve schools, register voters, and put an end to predatory lending among other social issues.” This may seem purposeful and motivating, but what lies beneath the surface of ACORN is not a secret anymore.

ACORN does not practice what it preaches. Does that sound familiar to a presidential candidate? In July of 2008 an article written by Stephanie Strom of the New York Times stated, that “the brother of the organizations founder Wade Rathke, embezzled $1 million dollars from ACORN and affiliated charitable organizations.” It was also reported that “while ACORN executives knew of this action, they kept it from mostly all of their board members and did not apprise law enforcement officials.” This is the type of organization Obama has defended and allied with.

According to the Obama website, “after graduating from Harvard Law in 1991, Barack Obama turned down lucrative job oers after law school to return to Chicago, leading a successful voter registration drive.”

That voter registration drive is known as Project Vote, which is affiliated with ACORN. Proof of his affiliation with this group is shown as he was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times on August 11, 1992 in regards to reaching its goal to register voters. “It must average 10,000 rather than 7,000 every week,” says Barack Obama, the program’s executive director.

Project Vote is also proven to be linked with ACORN as listed on their website, stating that “ACORN members have worked with voting rights advocacy groups like Project Vote.”

In an article published by the Los Angeles Times during May of this year it was stated that “Madeline Talbot, whom worked at the social action group ACORN became so impressed by Obama that she invited him to come and help train her staff “(at ACORN).

It is communicated on the Obama website in an article provided on February 21, 2008 that “he accepted the ACORN endorsement.” Obama clearly states on his website “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

It is then specified in a past article in 1995 by Madeline Talbot “I can’t repeat what most ACORN members think and say about politicians. But Barack has proven himself among our members. He is committed to organizing, to building a democracy. Above all else, he is a good listener, and we accept and respect him as a kindred spirit, a fellow organizer.” The Obama website clearly states in a bold heading, “Barack Obama never organized with ACORN. Fact: Barack was never an ACORN community organizer. Fact: ACORN never hired Obama as a trainer, organizer, or any type of  employee.Fact: ACORN was not apart of Project Vote.”

Barack Obama would go on to say in the final debate at Hofstra that “The only involvement I’ve had with ACORN was I represented them alongside the U.S. Justice Department in making Illinois implement a motor voter law that helped people get registered at DMV’s.” While Obama did defend ACORN in ACORN v. Illinois State Board of Elections, Case No. 95-3456, he is not honest that it was his only affiliation with ACORN, as I have proven with facts and articles printed well before this election.  

My question to you Mr. Obama is how can you deny these allegations when they are printed through numerous news media sources years prior to your career as a politician? How can you resume this election and continue to lie to the American public?

Alicia Russell of Arizona, ACORN’s western regional representative stated on Obama’s website that “I think he will commit himself to providing us the necessary path for the low-income and moderate-income families to improve their lives, he’s on the same level as we are, and sees our issues as we do.”(6)

What do those issues entail Ms. Russell? Are you referring to “ACORN’s decade long history of embezzlement, cover-ups, the misuse of taxpayer’s funds and voter fraud”? as pointed out by Chief Public Advocate for the Consumer Rights League Today James Terry.

As it has been provided, it is clearly shown that Barack Obama did work as an organizer, that he trained staff, and defended ACORN throughout the nineties, and as shown on Obama’s website, though he has continued to disassociate himself to the group.


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