’08 & ’09: Two Years, Two Good Men by Aaron Gulbransen

2008 and 2009 may be different years, but for Virginia, they have very much in common. November 4th is two weeks away and John McCain’s fate will be decided. Come November 5th, the Governor’s race starts and we all begin the work of electing Bob McDonnell to that office.

Both years have much in common because they both present opportunities to Virginia. Also, at the top of the ticket for both years is a man with uncompromising character, principles, decication to service, and love of country.

2008 is an opportunity for those of us that love America because it gives us a chance to elect a man to the office of the Presidency that doesn’t believe in the notion that we as Americans should “spread the wealth”. John McCain will work to halt years of government overspending, overtaxing, pork, and waste. Along with a Vice President Sarah Palin, He will work to erase the years of Republicans and Democrats in Washington run amok. Unlike President Bush, he will not sacrifice his principles for the sake of election and re-election. Love him or hate him, John McCain does what he thinks is right in all situations and we have to admire him for that.

2009 is an opportunity for those of us that love the Commonwealth of Virginia because it gives us a chance to elect a man to the Governorship that, after two failed Democratic Governors, will actually do something about transportation, the budget, overspending, and taxes instead of passing the buck.

John McCain and Bob McDonnell both had a long distinguished career in the military, Navy and Army, respectively. As President, John McCain will keep us safe. As Governor, Bob McDonnell will keep us vigilant.

2008 and 2009 represent turning points in Virginia’s history. In 2008, Virginia is in danger of going Democrat for the first time since 1964. It is our job to communicate to others the dangers Obama’s policies pose to Virginia and the United States and the benefits that John McCain’s Presidency will give us. We have two weeks left to work towards getting John McCain elected.

2009 gives us a chance to reverse eight years of Democrat Governors, tax increases, and a transportation mess. Bob McDonnell will put Virginia on the right track.

Those of you that haven’t done so, visit and and sign up for their email updates. Contact the local headquarters and volunteer. The future of America and of Virginia is at stake.

Lets roll.


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