The Truth About Obama: William Ayers, Part 2 by Christopher George

It’s astounding that Barack Obama would have never come aware of Ayers reputation seeing that Ayers and his associations were frequently discussed in the Chicago media as well as nationally.

 It is also thought-provoking that he was oblivious after a comment Ayers had made in 2001 to the New York Times “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Up to this point they had served together for 8 years. In 1997, as stated by the American Thinker “Obama endorsed Ayers’ book on juvenile justice, and Michelle Obama hosted a panel discussion of the book in which Ayers and Barack Obama participated.”

Another compelling detail is that of an article printed by the New York Times formulated by Vivica Novak and Brooks Jackson of They wrote “We find McCain’s claim to be groundless. New details have recently come to light, but nothing Obama said previously has been shown to be false.”

Why does this happen to be so appealing? Well according to their website is a “project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center…which is funded primarily by the Annenberg Foundation.”

As you read previously, Barack Obama served with Annenberg and was the Chairman of the Board from 1995-2000.  At the least, this appears to be a conflict of interest.

In the third and final Presidential debate at Hofstra University, Barack Obama stated clearly in referring to his relationship to Ayers that “Ten years ago he served and I served on a school reform board that was funded by one of Ronald Reagan’s former ambassadors and close friends, Mr. Annenberg.”

It has been clearly shown that he first served with William Ayers on the Woods Foundation in 1993, 15 years ago and if he is clearly referring to the school reform board known as the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, that was co-founded in 1995, 13 years ago, and Barack Obama was named chairman of the board. Why is this minuscule detail important? Because Barack Obama clearly does not speak with veracity. He reveals a lack of knowledge about his own record. During the debate McCain and Obama fire back at one another regarding Ayers:

            MCCAIN: “..and you launched your political campaign in Mr. Ayers’   living

            OBAMA: “That’s absolutely not true.”

            MCCAIN: “And the facts are facts and records are records.”

            OBAMA: “And that’s not the facts.”

Can he possibly sit in front of the American people and deny this allegation? It was clearly stated on national television by the Obama campaign Communications Director Robert Gibbs, that when asked if Obama knew Ayers was a terrorist when Ayers introduced him to Chicago politics in 1995, Gibbs responded that “he didn’t.”

Barack was introduced to Chicago politics in 1995 by William Ayers and that Robert Gibbs clearly confirms this in his statement to the media.

If he wasn’t, he should have denied the allegation and corrected MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough about his false remark regarding Obama’s start in politics

Barack Obama has clearly been associated with William Ayers for over a decade and has attempted to conceal their relationship.


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