The Truth About Obama: Citizenship by Christopher George

 On August 21, 2008, Pennsylvania attorney and lifelong democrat Philip J. Berg filed a lawsuit against democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama in regards to his qualifications to run for President of the United States. The case is asking Barack Obama to provide the court with his birth certificate. Obama and the DNC filed a joint motion for dismissal on September 24, 2008.In this suit Berg has suggested that “Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is not a natural born citizen.” has posted a copy of Obama’s birth certificate on their sight, but as I mentioned before the Annenberg Foundation owns, and has primarily funded The Annenberg Foundation is the very same organization where Barack Obama sat as chairman of the board for 5 years.

According to Berg “Obama’s paternal grandmother who lives in Kenya is going around telling everyone that my grandson is going to become President of the United States and she’s so proud because she was in the delivery room in Kenya with Obama’s half brother and sister when he was born.”

He continues, “his half sister Maya was interviewed and she stated he was born at one hospital in Hawaii and when Obama was interviewed he said he was born in the other hospital in Hawaii.” In regards to Indonesia, “It doesn’t matter if he was born in Hawaii or not, because if he was born here as a natural born citizen, he lost his citizenship.

Obama’s mother divorced the father, after that she remarried LoLo Soetoro from Indonesia.” In “Audacity of Hope” Obama states that “my stepfather went back to Indonesia before I did, and when I got there I went immediately to school there.”

Berg continues, “significant at that time Indonesia was at war, the only people who could go to school in Indonesia were citizens of Indonesia, therefore his stepfather had to acknowledge or adopt Obama. On his school record his nationality is Indonesian, his religion is Islam. Indonesia at that time did not provide for dual citizenship, so he was now a citizen of Indonesia.” With that said, if Obama did come back to the United States through immigration he would have became a naturalized citizen, making him ineligible to run for the President of the United States.

What I cannot understand is how difficult it can possibly be to provide a birth certificate? I will post mine on Facebook if I have to prove my citizenship. Obama though, stated to McCain at Hofstra to “stick to the issues.” It is clear that Barack Obama wants America to focus more on his policies and less on his background, but why? What is he trying to hide?

The constitution establishes firm criteria for ascendency to the presidency. If one is not a natural born citizen, HE DOES NOT QUALIFY. Some may consider this a technicality, but the law is the law, the foundation of our very government must be upheld. Of interest, in his first Chicago election was that Obama essentially won by default by having all of his opponents disqualified on “technicalities”.


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