Political Basketball Shoes

The new basketball season tips off the next few days, the Celtics will raise their championship banner and a curious thing will be seen on the feet of Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady, shoes with political messages.  Basketball shoes are a billion dollar business, people line up around street corners for the chance to purchase the latest and greatest pair of shoes.  Now you might be wondering, what do basketball shoes have to do with the election? Well, the two before mentioned superstars will be wearing special shoes to help get out the vote.  the NBA does not allow players to make overt political statements on uniforms so Adidas suggested Garnett wear this, and that McGrady wear this instead of the plain patriotic themed shoes that were planned.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out just who Mr. Garnett and Mr. McGrady want you to vote for, Senator Obama.  So what is the big deal with this, isn’t it just some shoes that a couple of basketball players will wear for a couple of games?  The unfortunate fact is that people will be swayed to vote by the message printed on a pair of shoes. In an era where slam dunks matter more than public service, where style outweighs substance, people will take political advice from shoes. Keep that in mind next time you watch a basketball game or  go to the mall, it is a new world out there, a world in need of substance and education.


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  1. The world has been influenced by messages on shoes for many years now; why else would Nike pay so much to sportsmen and women for wearing their kit? Bringing it to sport is just advertising.

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