A funny thing happened on my way to vote…

When I went to cast my vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin I noticed some odd goings on with the ballot. Looking at my ballot I noticed that the Democratic candidates for President, Senate, and Congress were listed first in every category. Now there was no rhyme or reason to the order of candidates listed on my ballot. I tried to make sense of the order but nothing made sense. The party names where not in alphabetical order, nor where thee candidates names. After I voted I went to a neighboring city to help the local Republican Committee with their election day operation. During the course of the day a common complaint was heard again and again, jurisdictions with electronic voting machines in the City I was working in. The problem that occurred came when voters selected the large print option on the electronic voting machine. With the large print options selected, voting for President became a confusing proposition. On screen one the name Barack Obama appeared alone, to get to John McCain you had to click through to another page where McCain appeared along with a third party candidate, continued clicking through took you to a third page where a single third party candidate was listed. The described incident was blatant favoritism of Senator Obama on the ballot. The order of Presidential candidates on the ballot should have been written in a way that McCain and Obama both appeared on the first page, there was room as demonstrated by the second page. Ballot favoritism is a major problem, it sends subconscious messages to the voter that one candidate is better than the other. The ballot favoritism is just another slap in the face to good people, the registering of ineligible voters and countless fake registrations combined with tactics to suppress the Conservative vote are just what the liberal Democrats accuse conservative Republicans.


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  1. Tim
    A lot of folks agree with you , I got 3 phones election day making the same complaint. I know of someone whom took pictures of the screens in Norfolk with a ruler. Not only was Obama listed first the font was much larger, this is blantant favortism and should never happen again. Project Vote was also present and consistanly violated the 40 foot rule, they were there under he control of democrats. Listen we all want a fair election and we want every legal vote counted we just don’t want shenanigans during the process.

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