An FYI on the LG’s Race

Bill Bolling now has a challenger for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor. His name is Patrick Muldoon, an attorney from Northern Virginia. 

This is a very surprising move as Bill Bolling, a tireless defender of the family and conservative values,  has served the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Republican Party with distinction and humility for many years. It is well known that the LG has put Virginia and the Republican Party above pride.

In 1996, Muldoon ran for Congress in the 9th District and lost. More information will be forthcoming shortly…


2 Responses

  1. So much for unity, eh? Why go after the clearest example of standing up for our values?

    You’ ve got my firm support, Bill!

  2. Robyn,
    Just give this race a chance, competition has always been one of the great things that are party stands for. Allow Patrick Muldoon to make his case of why we need change at this moment in our party. In fact, I would say it has been too long in the coming. Unity happens after the nomination process not before, else we are just a bunch of robots doing what we are told. For clarification, I am helping Patrick Muldoon is his bid for the nomination.
    Steve Waters

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