Our country just elected a radical socialist with absolutely no executive experience to lead it for the next four years. We lost Virginia for McCain and we lost three Congressional seats. On paper, Virginia became a blue state this year.

Given those facts, the most important question that needs to be on the minds of Virginia Republicans is: “Can we turn Virginia red again?”

The answer is: “Yes, we can!”. However, in order to do so we need to address some fundamental problems within the Republican Party of Virginia.

First, we need to get back to basic principles. Some of us need to be educated on what it truly means to be a Republican. This means, we need elect to office, those that will follow the Republican Creed. In other words, we need to stop electing RINOs.

Second, we need to end our battles based on personality. The are those in leadership that are generally correct on the issues but seem to get into intra-party battles and have missteps based solely on personality and ego. John Hager may have not been perceived as enough of a conservative as some would have preferred, but no one can say that he behaved as anything less than a gentleman and a class act. True leadership should be about putting the good of others ahead of ego. Bill Bolling’s example should be followed. Our leaders need to put country, Virginia, and the Republican Party ahead of their egos.

Third, cooperative leadership boundaries need to exist and be adhered to. The Victory program was an abject failure in most of the state.  It has been reported to me by many all over the state that a lot of the staff did not mesh well with or gjve respect to the local Party officials or volunteers. Also, it has come to my attention that some district chairs like to overstep their bounds and walk all over the unit chairs. We all need to work together, not step on each other.

Fourth, RPV needs to concentrate primarily on voter identification and the cultivation of the grassroots. Doing so will enlarge and motivate the base as well.

Fifth, we must bridge the generational gap. A sustained effort must be made to attract the new generation to the Republican Party. I would suggest the permanent hiring of an E-Strategy Director for RPV and possibly even a Youth Director. The internet and social networking programs need to be utilized to attract and activate the youth.

As an aside, we must not take 2009 for granted. It will be tighter than we realize. We owe Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and the Republican nominee for Attorney General our all. We must put everything we have in this to win and put Virginia back on track.

Lastly, none of the above matters if we are not able to come together and unify. We must put our petty squabbles aside and work towards rebuilding Virginia for Republicans. The Democrats triumphed because they were united and we were not.

Can we unify, carry the day in ’09, win back the Congressional seats we lost in ’10, win back the State Senate in 2011, and win Virginia for the Republican nominee in 2012?

Yes, we can.


6 Responses

  1. Can we unify, carry the day in ‘09, win back the Congressional seats we lost in ‘10, win back the State Senate in 2011, and win Virginia for the Republican nominee in 2012?

    Not only we can, we will do.

  2. Completely agreed. The victory system was entirely disorganized with far too many in the state having overlapping responsibilities. We need unified responsibilities, communication, and purpose. United we stand, divided we fall, somewhere in the middles it’s always the other guys fault…

  3. Oh, and to kill two birds with one stone that E-Strategy Director and Youth Director should be me.

  4. Much of the problem this year has to do with a repudition of the GOP across the country: on the federal level it has become the party of big government bureaucrats, excessive spending, corruption, and the party of no ideas! That has to change.

    Secondly, the GOP does not have a media outlet like the Dems do. Yes we have Fox News But guess what, most independents don’t watch it, nor do conservative minorities. We need a strategy to reach independent media outlets both on and off the internet. A full-time director holding news conferences, issuing press releases, and organizing events which will attract free-media is a start. Part of this strategy needs to learn from Lee Atwater, who I was privileged to give an indepth interview about a year ago for a documentary: He made Conservatism Cool for young people. Blue-grass concerts, rock concerts, free pizza and beer. He made political rallies social events where people could have a good time rather than just listening to booring speeches. And guess what, people turned out even for those booring speeches.

    Youth campaigning is fine, but it is time expensive. VA needs a Youth director and about 4 full-time staff members to run it. If they do it right, they won’t have time to also run the E-strategy. The person for this position needs a proven track record, experience, and the ability to relate to college kids.


  5. If the Republican Party is to get itself back on track and put a stop to intra-party squabbles, then the Republican Party needs to stop being the Party of the “organized religious right”. Religion should not be part of the political platform — at all. To appeal to the younger generation and to moderates, the Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Falwell groups need to stop having such high profiles within the party. These zealots and their need to shove their religious beliefs down everyones’ throats are why Independents and moderates within the conservative movement are leaving. I am a conservative (fiscal, defense) Independent, and Republicans will continue to lose because the party has started to highly represent what are known to be — “churchies”. When abortion rights and gay marriage rights start determining the outcome of elections because the Democrats are pushing issues like this to the forefront, then Republicans will lose. Certainly these are not the major issues confronting our Nation, but the Democrats use these types of issues to divide moderates/independents from the conservative party. The Republicans need to appeal to the independents again and need to get their “holier than thou” organized religious fervors out of the political arena. Religious beliefs should be personal, private matters and should not be placed as a label across the Conservative political party. It is destroying the strength of the fiscal conservative and strong defense conservative movement. Yes, I truly want to save the “true nature” of the politically conservative movement and take it back to Reagan conservativism, which means leaving Christian zealotry out of the party. We have religious freedom in this Nation, and one type of orgainized religion does not need to be dictated through a political movement. It is killing the true conservative movement. In addition, our Nation needs to stop the movement to be involved in other Nations’ politics and beliefs. Our Nation is not to be a huge missionary movement to weave our democracy into other people’s cultures. It’s time to protect the USA and stop looking out for all other Nations because we want to save all other people. Our military men and women are to protect the USA and not be dying in these foreign lands to protect all peoples of the world. Afghanistan was to retaliate to the mad men, terrorists, who dared to kill innocent citizens of our Nation; however, Iraq was another “mission”, which lost too many American lives for us to bring democracy to another Nation/culture? Wrong. Yes, the true conservative movement has lost its way and needs to start remembering our true dogma, which is not the Bible.

  6. The real surefire way is to go back to being the party of practical ideas. You look into a problem, research it tirelessly, consult with principals, and make an informed decision. It is possible for two well meaning, educated individuals to come to opposite or dissimilar conclusions and it is here we should find the division between parties. Currently our elections are all about made up issues of personality and judgement, real solutions and the evidence to back them up are rarely included. At present the greatest evil is how being a member of a political party allows a candidate to say little to nothing of his actual positions on the issues and instead focus on issues in direct relation to their opponents party. Our two party system has been restricting greatly the free flow of ideas and the will to solve problems with abstract solutions.

    Campaigns should be focused solely on researching the issues to the greatest extent, forming highly informed positions, and then educating the public such that they see why their solutions are better than their opponents. The key words are “educate the public”; knowledge is power and candidates for office should seek to distribute power to everyone. Hoarding of this power leads to corruption in the sense that the electorate knows not the full picture of their government and is falsely persuaded to think kindly of it.

    Education should be the main purpose of RPV, not electing republican candidates to office. If your candidates have the right ideas and educate the public so that they fully understand why they are right then the natural by-product of that will be getting elected. This is how you win elections, by being smarter than your opponent. No one can argue that the answers candidates give are so shoddily clad in real substance. If and when real solutions are put forth there is rarely the will to actually see them through.

    I have a plan for an integrated communication, logistical coordination, voter targeting, phone canvassing, and e-mail platform. We need to get organized and let people working for the party know precisely who does what and when. We need a system to ensure no overlapping responsibilities are created except where advantageous for the party. We need a system for educating voters, not convincing them to blindly vote for candidates.

    I also have a plan for generating youth involvement. This is a simple problem really, engage the kids with things kids like to do and they will listen to what you have to say. We need to become involved with sporting events, school clubs, and even in the classroom. There is no reason we should not be actively seeking out time out of our children’s schooldays for them to view an intellectual debate between officials (elected or party) of both parties. Now when I say intellectual, I mean intellectual. Work with the school to make the topics relevant to what the kids are learning around that time of the year. Make every effort to ensure each side is well prepared and agrees to stick strictly to the facts.

    We need to sponsor football, basketball, baseball, surfing, skimboarding, and skateboarding tournaments. You partner with the respective communities to organize the event, give candidates a chance to speak, and generate income through sponsors and meager entrance fees. The more kids you bring into these things the more money you can get from sponsors and the more positive PR you will generate.

    Idleness clearly breeds discontent, we need to get our party faithful and our youth off of their asses and into the intellectual discussion of how to solve real issues.

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