Saddle Up, Lock, and Load!

The 2008 election cycle is over and the 2009 cycle is fast upon us. Obama won Virginia by approximately 230,000 votes. In the eyes of the nation, Virginia has become the new “swing state”.

2009 is headlined nationwide by the Virginia Governor’s race. The eyes of the nation are on Virginia. There is no doubt that the national Parties will invest significant resources into this race. Barack Obama will most likely spend more time in Virginia in 2009 than he did in 2008.

Now there are a few facts about 2008 that are relevant:

  1. Many Virginia Conservatives did not show up on in 2008 for a liberal John McCain but will show up to vote for a conservative Bob McDonnell.
  2. There was an increased turnout among minorities and the youth that helped turn the state for Obama.
  3. Mark Warner had tremendous coattails.

These and other mitigating factors do make it more likely that 2009 will be a better year for Virginia than 2008. However, there is an attitude that exists among the Republican activists that I’ve noticed and it worries me. It seems a lot of people take a Bob McDonnell victory for granted. In politics, one should never take anything for granted.

Let me make this perfectly clear. The Attorney General will win and will right the direction of the ship in 2009. However, this is going to be a fight like we’ve never seen. The Democrats will attempt to solidify Virginia and the Republicans will be trying to reverse their fortunes. Most likely, more money than ever before will be spent on the Governor’s race.

So what does this mean? It means that we all need to hang together or we’ll hang separately. It means we need to dig in and fight. It means we cannot be complacent. Bob McDonnell worked his tail off for John McCain in 2008 and now we need to work our tails off for him, as well as Bill Bolling, in 2009. 

So what can we do? Well, now is the time to log onto Bob McDonnell’s website and volunteer. Do the same for Bill Bolling. Get your checkbooks out and donate. Log onto your blogs and write. Utilize the social networking platforms like Facebook and Myspace. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Get involved! Don’t just assume we are going to win. Help make it happen!

2009 will be the time for Conservatism in Virginia. We just need to win for McDonnell and Bolling. Don’t be complacent!

Saddle up, lock, and load!


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