Klinge Calls for Chairman Frederick’s Resignation

The following is an email that has been sent out to many in the Virginia Republican Party. This email has not been altered or abridged in any way.

*Note: The author’s opinions are the sole property of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or its staff.

Dear Fellow Republican,   

While nationally our Republican Party experienced disappointing losses, the results from Virginia were even worse.

Virginia lost more Republican seats in Congress than any other state in the United States of America. We lost two Congressional incumbents, a GOP held open Congressional seat, and a GOP held US Senate seat.

Virginia voted for a Democrat for President for the first time since 1964.


Why were the results here in Virginia worse than any other state?


I believe the answer is the misguided efforts of RPV Chairman Frederick.


When Frederick was running for RPV Chair, he said “In the end, effort is commendable, BUT THE RESULTS ARE ALL THAT COUNT.”


This year, Frederick led the Party to the worst loss for Virginia Republicans in our modern history.


Frederick’s immaturity and lack of judgment hurt our Party.


Instead of providing the support our candidates for President and Vice-President needed, Frederick clashed with them. In a shocking lack of judgment, Frederick openly criticized the McCain-Palin Campaign in an article in the Washington Times just days before the election. The lack of cooperation between the McCain-Palin Campaign and RPV was widely reported in many newspapers. How can Frederick claim he was working to deliver Virginia for the McCain-Palin ticket while simultaneously attacking the McCain-Palin Campaign in the newspapers?

Frederick was REPUDIATED by Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Senator John McCain for equating Barack Obama with Osama Bin Laden.


Frederick never even met with Virginia’s Republican Congressional Delegation!


Frederick can’t claim he tried to help our Congressional candidates when he wouldn’t even take the time to sit down with them. During his time as Chairman, Frederick never met with Virginia’s Congressional delegation. Frederick’s lack of interest in helping our Congressional candidates led to the loss of two Republican incumbents Congressman in Thelma Drake and Virgil Goode and the loss of Tom Davis’ open seat.


Frederick failed to raise the money needed to win.


Jeff Frederick also claimed that he would be able to boost RPV’s fundraising efforts, but he has failed. When you subtract direct transfers to RPV from the McCain-Palin Campaign, the RNC, and other state parties, RPV’s fundraising was a disappointing failure. From June 1 through Oct 15, RPV only raised $373,329. Amazingly, that’s $185,312 less than the comparable period in 2004 – the last presidential election cycle – when Virginia was not a targeted battleground state and we had no statewide campaign.


Under Frederick, RPV spent $366,331 on staff, fundraising expenses and overhead (remember they only raised $373,329!) and left almost nothing for direct campaign support. Staff and fundraising expenses under Frederick have increased over the same period in 2004 – even as RPV raised less money.


Incredibly, Frederick sent out a memo on Oct. 28 claiming he raised $4 million for campaign efforts this year – when the truth is he had no role in raising almost all of these funds. RPV was only able to pay for signs and mailers because of transfers and donations from the Republican National Committee, the McCain-Palin Campaign, and other state parties. I point this important fact out because Frederick himself attacked the past RPV leadership for counting these transfers as money “raised” in earlier campaign cycles.


Where was Frederick during the campaign?


In the heat of the most important election in our lifetime, Frederick took ten days off in September to go on a junket to Israel. It’s true. While our candidates were in the fight of their lives, while Virginia was a presidential battleground state, Frederick was touring Israel with Democrat Jim Moran and other politicians. They ate at fine restaurants and stayed at luxury hotels during their week-long all expenses paid vacation.


Frederick failed to provide the support our candidates needed and was unable to raise the money our Party required, contributing to the Republican rout we witnessed on Election Day, November 4, 2008.


I know a bad chairman when I see one.


I’ve been active in the Republican Party of Virginia since 1964. I served as executive director of our state party in 1973-1974 (During Watergate). I also ran Governor Reagan’s campaign for the Republican nomination for President in Virginia in 1976, and for five (5) States in the South during his successful campaign for President in 1980.


For forty-four years, I have worked to help elect Republican candidates on all levels. I started as a precinct captain in Arlington County and went on to advise many candidates, including George Allen for Governor (1993) and United States Senate (2000), Jim Gilmore for Governor (1997), Tom Davis (1991-2006), and Rob Wittman for Congress (2007 Special Election), and many candidates in local and legislative races. Over the years, I have learned what Republicans need to do to put principled conservatives into office.


I must say that if you look at the results, Frederick ranks as the worst state chairman in the history of the Republican Party of Virginia!


Next year is a critical election year for Virginia because, not only are we electing a Governor, LT. Governor, and Attorney General, but we also must maintain our majority in the House of Delegates to keep the Democrats from further hurting Republicans during redistricting. We must also begin on the road back to a majority in the State Senate of Virginia. JEFF FREDERICK IS INCAPABLE OF PROVIDING THE LEADERSHIP THAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY NEEDS IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALS IN 2009.


If we are to rebuild, Frederick must resign.


If we are going to begin rebuilding and have a successful 2009, then the first step is for Jeff Frederick to resign as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. If Frederick does not resign, then I’m asking you to join me in DEMANDING that the members of the Republican Party State Central Committee remove Jeff Frederick from the office of Chairman of the Party. The State Central Committee has the authority and DUTY to remove a chairman from office when the chairman cannot handle the job. I believe it is their responsibility to do so right now. If they can’t or won’t do their duty, it is time to make changes in the membership of that committee also.


Kenneth Kling
J. Kenneth Klinge

3 Responses

  1. It was a rough year for republicans all over the country no doubt and it is easy to point fingers. But it is logical to put forth a good deal of accountability to party leaders on all levels. However I do not think that the resignation of anyone AFTER the fact is a good idea. It will bring the impression of instability to the party. This is something we cannot afford. Perhaps just admitting to their doings, or lack thereof, will let VA republicans move forward in electing Bob McDonnell to the Goverenors Mansion.

  2. It’s clear the Empire is striking back. The Old Guard is still stunned at their defeat in May when the Party was turned back over to the grassroots. But instead of pulling together behind Jeff Frederick, they are pulling out the long knives behind Mr. Klinge.

    There are so many ridiculous assertions to which to respond in this post that it takes one’s breath away. Still, the most breathtaking aspect of Mr. Klinge’s letter is its combination of sheer audacity and naivete, especially for one who has been in Republican politics for 44 years. Many of his arguments are so silly on their face that I’m sure Mr. Klinge doesn’t believe them. He’s simply throwing all the mud he can against Jeff, hoping that something will stick.

    But as a thought-starter, let me get a couple of things straight. The same crowd that has lost two straight governorships and one highly winnable Senate seat, and watched Northern Virginia turn into a sea of blue while Jeff was winning in a Democrat-leaning seat, now blames the 2008 debacle on a guy who has been in place for six months?

    And — pardon me as I suppress a laugh — blames the epic loss on:

    -The fact that Jeff didn’t convene a meeting
    -The fact that Jeff spent a week in israel
    -The fact that Jeff one time expressed his frustration with the McCain campaign, not the candidate, for failing to listen to a candidate who knows how to win on conservative principles in a blue district in Northern Virginia
    -The fact that John McCain gracelessly threw Jeff under the bus without so much as a phone call or heads-up for a careless joke meant to fire up supporters
    -The fact that Jeff wasn’t able to raise a few hundred thousand more dollars, when the Republicans were up against a candidate who raised more than $600 million and shoveled buckets of it at Virginia.

    Mr. Klinge, with all due respect for your age and years of service, grow up. You know full well that Jeff arrived to find a party whose coffers, organization and even offices had been decimated by your friends in the Old Guard. Understaffed and already outspent and outgunned by the opposition, he had to clean up the mess even as he was doing his utmost to support the McCain, Gilmore and congressional campaigns.

    You know full well that the statewide and congressional losses were due to more money, to better candidates in some cases, and to shifting demographics — the rise of new groups the party had done nothing to reach. And now you want to fix the last problem by tossing out our first Hispanic … and youngest-ever .. chairman? Smart.

    You know full well that it takes time to build a fundraising base … and that it is especially hard when you’re competing with national, statewide and local campaigns, when a major portion of the base is disillusioned with the candidates, and, let’s not forget, when significant factions of the former leadership of the party are sitting on their hands and trashing the current leadership. When did you offer to host a fundraiser for Jeff and the RPV? That’s what I thought.

    Enough is enough. It’s time to quit the sniping at Jeff Frederick and help him turn our fire on the Democrats. As they say … help lead … follow … or get the #@$%&*(!!!! out of the way.

  3. Getting rid of Frederick would be a horrible idea. Who would replace him? Who would pay for the election of a new chairman, who would pay for the transition? Why do we not be intellectual about this and work to convince Frederick why we think he is doing a bad job and what he can do to succeed. You bring up semi-valid points, but removing Frederick simply will not happen. We as a party need to come together to think of new ideas and ways to convince people why they are correct. RPV would have the party build an army of mindless automatons regurgitating empty party rhetoric. When it comes down to it we as a party are no worse than Obama supporters in that we know not so much why we believe what we do. Sure small government is good, low taxes are good, but big government and higher taxes if run efficiently and smartly could give citizens the same standard of living. The difference is that the chances of corruption are less with a smaller government and that is why it is a better idea. We need people who can logically convince someone to be a republican, not people who say what it means to be a republican and demonize anyone who is not. Bill O’reilly is just as bad as Keith Olberman, he just happens to be on our side of the aisle. I challenge all of you to refute my points because in attempting you shall prove them for me.

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