Gary Bauer Responds to Huckabee

In an article written for Human Events, Gary Bauer Responds to Huckabee’s assertions in his book and his Presidential campaign.

Ronald Reagan used to quip that the 11th Commandment is: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.  While there are times for Republicans to call one another out for un-Republican behavior, such arguments are best kept inside the family and should not be aired openly to unsympathetic media. 

It is therefore unfortunate that, at a time when the GOP needs to close ranks and seek unity, Governor Mike Huckabee has aimed his fire at his fellow Republicans.  In the just-released Do the Right Thing, which he has been promoting on news shows and in major newspapers, Governor Huckabee takes shots at several prominent Republicans, including his one-time rivals for the GOP presidential nomination Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.  

He goes on to describe what he thinks are Huckabees problems as a candidate:

In fact, talking with Huckabee was like playing whack-a-mole, because he had a number of issues that posed problems.  It wasn’t just that he didn’t get it on foreign policy.  His record on taxes and spending, illegal immigration, his apparent backing of Al Gore’s carbon cap and trade scheme, support for voting rights for Washington, D.C., and cozying up to unions like the NEA all worried me.  Huckabee can call it whack-a-mole.  But for me there were just too many items where he wasn’t sufficiently conservative coupled with a lack of attention and experience on foreign affairs.

He also makes an interesting case for Social Conservatives to value National Security:

To me it’s clear that in our post-9-11 world, national security is a values issue.  

Conservatives recognize that there is a cultural battle taking place over the values that shape our nation and its institutions. We see the fallout of that crucial engagement in broken families, the suppression of religious freedom and the devastating loss of life through the scourge of abortion. 

But another battle has only recently emerged, and, like the culture war, it is an existential battle whose outcome will determine America’s future. America is at war with Islamofascism, an enemy that worships death. 

The full text can be found here.


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