Barry Knight wins the 81st District Republican Canvass!

*Exclusive. Barry Knight has won the canvass and is the Republican nominee for the 81st Delegate District. had it here first!

Barry Knight won the Chesapeake precinct with 329 votes, to Paul Lanteigne’s 17, and Tom Keeley’s 12 rounding out the field.

Barry Knight has won the 2nd precinct, The Village at Rainbow. The total votes at Rainbow was 428 for Barry Knight, 389 for Paul Lanteign, and Tom Keeley with 218.

Capps Shop Precinct numbers are in and Barry Knight had 552 votes to Paul Lanteign’s 218 votes. Tom Keeley’s numbers will be in shortly!

It is official! Barry Knight is the Republican Nominee for the 81st Delegate District!

Barry Knight more than doubled his closest opponent, Lanteigne.

Congratulations are in order! would like to Congratulate Barry Knight on becoming the Republican Nominee in the 81st. The special election will take place on January 6th.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations Barry Knight, now time to beat this kid

  2. Why was an election held on a holiday weekend when so many people were out of town?

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