Americans for Prosperity and State Director Ben Marchi Lead the Fight for Open and Honest Voting in the House of Delegates

AFP and its State Director are leading the charge for open and honest accountability in the House of Delegates:

In an article in the Virginian Pilot, Julian Walker writes:

Republican activists are pushing party leaders to abolish a rule that allows members of the House of Delegates to defeat bills without leaving any record of how they voted.

Under House rules, when legislators take action on bills in subcommittees, no votes are recorded. The practice has been used by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers over the years to kill bills without a leaving a voting trail.

Leading the effort to change the rule is the group Americans for Prosperity.

The Washington Post also highlights the effort:

Ben Marchi, state director for Americans for Prosperity, an anti-tax group, delivered a petition of more than 300 signatures to House GOP leaders this morning calling on them to record all subcommittee votes. Marchi, who said the signatures were gathered at the recent GOP retreat at The Homestead resort, called it a “transparency issue” so taxpayers know how their money is being spent.

“It is not a partisan issue,” Marchi said. “It’s a good government issue and government operates best when it operates openly.”

This is clearly an important issue and we need to give AFP our support. Please contact the Speaker’s office to share declare your support:

Speaker Bill Howell 
Virginia House of Delegates
General Assembly Building, Suite 635
P.O. Box 406 
Richmond, Virginia 23218 
Phone: (804) 698-1028
FAX: (804) 786-6310


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