Stimulating the Economy or Just Motivated Spenders ?

The proposed stimulus package which has been regarded to fillip our economy is facing resistance in the Senate by Senate Republicans. Senator John McCain, R-Az, has said as the bill presently stands he would not vote on it.

The stimulus package includes deplorable projects that Republicans find to be ineffective in boosting our economy and producing new jobs. After an unbalanced vote in the House of 244-188, the bipartisanship Obama was hoping for quickly faded.

House and Senate Republicans are standing firmly by their principles and want less spending and more tax cuts. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor stated that during a White House bipartisanship meeting the Republicans let those in the meeting know that they are focused on working families, small businesses, and how the government could sustain the jobs we have, stop the layoffs, and create new jobs. Cantor would go on to say that proposals such as sod for the National Mall, which is receiving four times the amount of money over small businesses, makes it evident that someone has their priorities backwards.

Although not all Senate Democrats are onboard with the proposed plan. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., a top Obama ally, told FOX News that some of the spending is uncalled for in this package. 

“We’ve got to cut some of the spending for programs,” she said. “This is not the place to increase spending on programs.” She criticized billions for programs like alternative energy loans and the Census Bureau. 

“We may have to fund the Census Bureau but not in a stimulus bill,” she said. “That’s the problem here. We have got to be disciplined about making sure this bill does only two things: Get money directly into the economy and create jobs. Period. That’s it,” McCaskill said. 

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson also told Fox News he’s looking to remove “tens of billions” of dollars from the spending.

A lot of proposals in the bill are manifestations of pork barrel spending. This is the Democratic party pushing an agenda that has been long overdue and will inevitably lead to a failed economic plan instead of a successful one.

The GOP has released details regarding the proposed stimulus plan. Some of these were $75 million for “smoking cessation activities”, $600 million to buy hybrid vehicles for federal employees, $1.2 billion dollars for “youth activities”, a $246 million dollar tax break for Hollywood producers to buy motion picture film, and $6 billion to turn federal buildings into “green” buildings. This is only a small portion of spending in the $819 billion dollar plan. Out of just a few things I have listed here, what percentage of those, or any of the other proposals like honeybee insurance and the restoration of the Jefferson Memorial are going to create a large amount of jobs in this weakening economy ? These proposals are inadequate to what our nation is facing today. We need real proposals with firm possibilities of job growth.

A recent poll from Rasmussen indicated that only 37% now support the plan and many presume that it may do more harm than good. The Los Angeles Times reported that the administration is beginning to sense the danger. President Obama is talking to Republican Senators individually to try and win their support. A desperate time calls for desperate measures as it would seem for a man who promised so much during his campaign to be President of the United States.

Glenn Beck of Fox News would go on to say that “this package isn’t meant to stimulate the economy. It’s meant to reshape it”. He says this after revealing that only 16% of the stimulus plan will be spent by the time President Obama’s term is halfway through, apparently not the quick jolt for the economy he speaks of. He talks about creating “green” jobs and clean energy, yet only 2% is earmarked for clean energy. Only a seventh of that will be spent in the next 24 months. The Obama administration is “using fear to promote long term changes to the country.” How will we stand ?


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