Palin or Schwarzenegger Speaking at RPV Convention?

A well-placed source has informed HRGOP that negotiations are underway to bring either Gov. Palin or Gov. Schwarzenegger to speak at the convention this year.

“One of them will be speaking. Confirmation as to which one will occur sometime early next week.”

It is thought that bringing one of them to speak will increase turnout to this year’s convention.


Statewide Petitions Update

They started counting petitions yesterday at RPV. At last count, it appears that the Cuccinelli campaign has more petitions than any other campaign by a large margin.

As of last night, McDonnell, Bolling, Brownlee, Foster, and Cuccinelli fulfilled the requirement.

In a show of Party unity, McDonnell and Bolling had been collecting signatures for themselves, as well as Brownlee, Foster, and Cuccinelli. Foster and Brownlee had participated in that effort as well.

UPDATED* Muldoon is having problems with his signatures and may not pass the requirement.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Bolling Receives Massive Support From Republican Leaders

RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling released an overwhelming list of Republican elected officials and party leaders who have agreed to lend their support to his 2009 re-election campaign. 

The list includes every Republican member of Virginia’s congressional delegation, more than 70 Republican members of the General Assembly and almost every member of the Republican Party’s State Central Committee. 

The list also includes more than 100 of the Republican Party’s county/city committee chairs, along with such party luminaries as former Senator George Allen, former Governor Jim Gilmore, former Lieutenant Governor John Hager and former Attorney General and 2005 gubernatorial nominee Jerry Kilgore.

Perhaps most significantly, the list also includes current Attorney General and 2009 gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell and all three of the Republican candidates currently seeking the GOP nomination for Attorney General, including Senator Ken Cuccinelli, former United States Attorney John Brownlee and former Arlington County School Board Chairman Dave Foster.

“I am very pleased by the pledges of support that my re-election campaign has gained from Republican party leaders and activists all across Virginia,” Bolling said.  “Their friendship, confidence and support mean a great deal to me, and their willingness to stand by my side at this early stage shows the broad strength of my campaign for Lieutenant Governor in 2009.”

McDonnell also added his public support to Bolling’s re-election campaign and encouraged fellow Republicans to line up early behind Bolling’s candidacy.  “Bill Bolling has been an outstanding Lieutenant Governor.  For the past three years we have worked side by side to support our conservative values and find positive solutions to the challenges facing our state,” McDonnell said.  “I need Bill Bolling as my running made and partner in state government for the next four years.  I encourage you to give Bill your support.”

Bolling was elected Lieutenant Governor in 2005 after serving for ten years in the Virginia State Senate.  In a year that favored Democrats, Bolling received more votes than any other statewide Republican candidate. 

Throughout his service in state government, Bolling has been recognized as one of Virginia’s most effective and consistent conservative leaders.  Bolling has championed the cause of keeping government small and focused on its core responsibilities and reducing excessive government spending and regulation.  He has also opposed every attempt by Democrat Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to raise taxes in Virginia.

Bolling is also regarded as a social conservative.  He is pro-life, having received a 100% pro-family rating from the Family Foundation.  He supports the Second Amendment having received an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and the endorsement of the NRA and the Virginia Citizens Defense League in 2005.  Bolling was also campaigned across Virginia in support of the Marriage Amendment in 2006, and raised thousands of dollars to run radio ads encouraging the amendment’s passage.

Bolling has also shown the ability to work on a bi-partisan basis to get things done in Richmond.  He has been one of the General Assembly’s leading voices on health care and natural resource issues.  In 2007, Bolling kicked off his 100 Ideas For The Future Of Virginia initiative, through which he has challenged the Republican Party to get back to being a party of issues and ideas and offering a positive vision for the future of Virginia that focuses on the issue family’s care most about. 

To learn more about Lieutenant Governor Bolling, please visit his web site at

To volunteer to lend your support to Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s re-election campaign,please click here.

An Evening with Bill Bolling

Monday, November 24th was a rainy day in Hampton Roads. The Republican Professionals Network hosted what was probably the first real political event in the area for the 2009 election cycle. It was well attended. 2008’s results held much in common with the day, foggy and rainy. But 2009 is around the corner, and today, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling gives us reason to be optimistic, a ray of sunshine popping through the clouds.

In his remarks to the RPN hosted fundraiser in his honor, the Lt. Governor emphasized that 2008 and 2009 are very different years and are going to have very different results. The Republican Professionals Network Chairman Bruce Meyer introduced the Lt. Governor and his remarks were very true to form. Noted political strategist and consultant, Chris Woodfin has long remarked that no one can deliver a red meat speech and fire up the conservative base like Bill Bolling can. He encouraged those there, something we truly needed in the aftermath of November 4th. “Republicans in Virginia have a special opportunity in 2009, one afforded to us because the Attorney General and I are working together in the spirit of unity, rather than competing against each other as the Democrats are doing in their Governor’s race at the moment.” He also made sure that those in attendance understood that both he and Bob McDonnell needed the help of the rank and file if they were to succeed.

I later sat down with Bill, a milestone for; because it marks the first time we have interviewed a state-wide elected official.

One of the things I’ve always noticed about Bill Bolling is that he is a genuine and warm individual that people want to be around. The Norfolk Chair, Pam Brown, thinks his warm manner would make people want to be around him even if he didn’t hold elected office. I agree, There are elected officials that are venerated because of the office they hold and there are those that are venerated because of who they are as a person and the character they demonstrate. I think Bill Bolling is the latter.

Bill Bolling has long been steadfast for the cause of conservatism and a noted defender of the family. It is also well known that he a man of strong faith and values. We talked about the importance his faith has in his life. It may, but should not, surprise the average person to know that the Lt. Governor still takes the time to teach Sunday school, which he is able to do about three Sundays each month and has been doing so for over twenty years.

That is an impressive feat, considering how busy of a man the Lt. Governor is. In addition to his duties in the Commonwealth, he is prominent among his peers on the national stage. In 2007, he was elected Chairman of the Republican Lt. Governors Association. He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the National Lt. Governors Association and will serve as Chairman next term.

We did get down to business, as I asked the million dollar question, “What happened in 2008 and what does that mean for Republicans in Virginia?” The Lt. Governor regards 2008 as somewhat of an oddity, because of the factors in play. “There was a large amount of anti-Republican sentiment among the populace, as well as increased voter turnout…”

“You also have to give Obama credit,” he said. “He ran a heck of a campaign and we can learn from it. In order to win Virginia back, we need to connect our issues with the voters. We need to reach out and reconnect with voters in places like Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudon. The other side did a great job of reaching out and they won.”

When asked about what effect Obama will have on the Virginia voters in 2009, the Lt. Governor is optimistic. He recognizes that the new President will spend more time in Virginia in 2009 than he did in 2008 along with probably every major Democrat in the nation as Democrats seek to prove that 2008 wasn’t a fluke.

I piped in, “Also, the only other state that has a race of consequence is New Jersey, which is unfortunately almost a foregone conclusion.” “All eyes will be on Virginia,” he said, “but I trust the people of the Commonwealth to make their own decisions. No one tells a Virginian how to vote. They choose for themselves. I’m confident in their choice for 2009.”

The Lt. Governor will be back in Hampton Roads in Norfolk for another event on December 18th. Details for that will be posted shortly on

McDonnell Mentioned as One of the Top 10 Republicans to Watch

In a story listed in the Washington Post, Bob McDonnell was mentioned as one of the top 10 Republicans to watch:

5. Bob McDonnell: McDonnell, Virginia’s attorney general, will be the Republican standard-bearer in the Commonwealth’s gubernatorial race in 2009. Off-year statewide elections are always looked to by the two parties as litmus tests for how each side is doing, and the fact that this campaign will take place in the purple state of Virginia makes McDonnell all the more important. If he wins, it will be seen as a sign that the Republican party is alive and well and living in Virginia. If he loses, he’ll join the Jerry Kilgore Hall of Fame.

A Rebuttal of Klinge’s Letter

The following is an email that has been sent out to many in the Virginia Republican Party. This email has not been altered or abridged in any way.

*Note: The author’s opinions are the sole property of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or its staff.

Larry Miller of Simple Webz and  So Drill Already! wrote the following:

Republican Friend

Last night I received an email from one J Kenneth Klinge from northern Virginia.  He chooses to blame the new RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick for the losses we experienced a few weeks ago.  I was thoroughly disgusted with his inability to see the big picture and all the events over the preceding years that led up to this situation.  It was an obvious attempt to bring us back to the days when the party was regarded as the personal property of the ruling group.  To some extent it still is as we are still looking at a party organization that is more interested in annointing candidates than conducting conventions where the grassroots actually has input. 

It is important that we work with Jeff and keep the position from falling back into the hands of those who regard the work of those who stand out in the rain on election day and wear out shoes going door to door for the candidates as theirs by right rather than something that is earned by those seeking office.  Of course it may take a little time to rebuild the financial resources as many who contributed in the past may not see their contributions buy the influence it has formerly.

Over the past years, the party apparatus gave us numerous candidates who looked good, smelled good, had nice smiles, had the blessing of the upper echelons of leadership, but failed to get the job done on election day.  To my thinking, this means we really need a change in the party leaders, who meet off by themselves and decide who the little people should support.  They are the ones doing a disservice to the party and the citizens of Virginia… not Jeff Frederick.  

For those satisfied with the leadership that has given us one defeat after another having a firm grip on a minority party, please disregard.  For those who believe in the Republican principles as set forth in the creed and want to see them guide the party, and have the party successful, please forward this to other Virginia Republicans.


Larry Miller

Klinge Calls for Chairman Frederick’s Resignation

The following is an email that has been sent out to many in the Virginia Republican Party. This email has not been altered or abridged in any way.

*Note: The author’s opinions are the sole property of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or its staff.

Dear Fellow Republican,   

While nationally our Republican Party experienced disappointing losses, the results from Virginia were even worse.

Virginia lost more Republican seats in Congress than any other state in the United States of America. We lost two Congressional incumbents, a GOP held open Congressional seat, and a GOP held US Senate seat.

Virginia voted for a Democrat for President for the first time since 1964.


Why were the results here in Virginia worse than any other state?


I believe the answer is the misguided efforts of RPV Chairman Frederick.


When Frederick was running for RPV Chair, he said “In the end, effort is commendable, BUT THE RESULTS ARE ALL THAT COUNT.”


This year, Frederick led the Party to the worst loss for Virginia Republicans in our modern history.


Frederick’s immaturity and lack of judgment hurt our Party.


Instead of providing the support our candidates for President and Vice-President needed, Frederick clashed with them. In a shocking lack of judgment, Frederick openly criticized the McCain-Palin Campaign in an article in the Washington Times just days before the election. The lack of cooperation between the McCain-Palin Campaign and RPV was widely reported in many newspapers. How can Frederick claim he was working to deliver Virginia for the McCain-Palin ticket while simultaneously attacking the McCain-Palin Campaign in the newspapers?

Frederick was REPUDIATED by Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Senator John McCain for equating Barack Obama with Osama Bin Laden.


Frederick never even met with Virginia’s Republican Congressional Delegation!


Frederick can’t claim he tried to help our Congressional candidates when he wouldn’t even take the time to sit down with them. During his time as Chairman, Frederick never met with Virginia’s Congressional delegation. Frederick’s lack of interest in helping our Congressional candidates led to the loss of two Republican incumbents Congressman in Thelma Drake and Virgil Goode and the loss of Tom Davis’ open seat.


Frederick failed to raise the money needed to win.


Jeff Frederick also claimed that he would be able to boost RPV’s fundraising efforts, but he has failed. When you subtract direct transfers to RPV from the McCain-Palin Campaign, the RNC, and other state parties, RPV’s fundraising was a disappointing failure. From June 1 through Oct 15, RPV only raised $373,329. Amazingly, that’s $185,312 less than the comparable period in 2004 – the last presidential election cycle – when Virginia was not a targeted battleground state and we had no statewide campaign.


Under Frederick, RPV spent $366,331 on staff, fundraising expenses and overhead (remember they only raised $373,329!) and left almost nothing for direct campaign support. Staff and fundraising expenses under Frederick have increased over the same period in 2004 – even as RPV raised less money.


Incredibly, Frederick sent out a memo on Oct. 28 claiming he raised $4 million for campaign efforts this year – when the truth is he had no role in raising almost all of these funds. RPV was only able to pay for signs and mailers because of transfers and donations from the Republican National Committee, the McCain-Palin Campaign, and other state parties. I point this important fact out because Frederick himself attacked the past RPV leadership for counting these transfers as money “raised” in earlier campaign cycles.


Where was Frederick during the campaign?


In the heat of the most important election in our lifetime, Frederick took ten days off in September to go on a junket to Israel. It’s true. While our candidates were in the fight of their lives, while Virginia was a presidential battleground state, Frederick was touring Israel with Democrat Jim Moran and other politicians. They ate at fine restaurants and stayed at luxury hotels during their week-long all expenses paid vacation.


Frederick failed to provide the support our candidates needed and was unable to raise the money our Party required, contributing to the Republican rout we witnessed on Election Day, November 4, 2008.


I know a bad chairman when I see one.


I’ve been active in the Republican Party of Virginia since 1964. I served as executive director of our state party in 1973-1974 (During Watergate). I also ran Governor Reagan’s campaign for the Republican nomination for President in Virginia in 1976, and for five (5) States in the South during his successful campaign for President in 1980.


For forty-four years, I have worked to help elect Republican candidates on all levels. I started as a precinct captain in Arlington County and went on to advise many candidates, including George Allen for Governor (1993) and United States Senate (2000), Jim Gilmore for Governor (1997), Tom Davis (1991-2006), and Rob Wittman for Congress (2007 Special Election), and many candidates in local and legislative races. Over the years, I have learned what Republicans need to do to put principled conservatives into office.


I must say that if you look at the results, Frederick ranks as the worst state chairman in the history of the Republican Party of Virginia!


Next year is a critical election year for Virginia because, not only are we electing a Governor, LT. Governor, and Attorney General, but we also must maintain our majority in the House of Delegates to keep the Democrats from further hurting Republicans during redistricting. We must also begin on the road back to a majority in the State Senate of Virginia. JEFF FREDERICK IS INCAPABLE OF PROVIDING THE LEADERSHIP THAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY NEEDS IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALS IN 2009.


If we are to rebuild, Frederick must resign.


If we are going to begin rebuilding and have a successful 2009, then the first step is for Jeff Frederick to resign as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. If Frederick does not resign, then I’m asking you to join me in DEMANDING that the members of the Republican Party State Central Committee remove Jeff Frederick from the office of Chairman of the Party. The State Central Committee has the authority and DUTY to remove a chairman from office when the chairman cannot handle the job. I believe it is their responsibility to do so right now. If they can’t or won’t do their duty, it is time to make changes in the membership of that committee also.


Kenneth Kling
J. Kenneth Klinge