Palin for Senate?

In an article listed at The Politico, it is reported that in an hypothetical primary matchup, Palin leads Murkowski 55% to 31%.

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Americans for Prosperity and State Director Ben Marchi Lead the Fight for Open and Honest Voting in the House of Delegates

AFP and its State Director are leading the charge for open and honest accountability in the House of Delegates:

In an article in the Virginian Pilot, Julian Walker writes:

Republican activists are pushing party leaders to abolish a rule that allows members of the House of Delegates to defeat bills without leaving any record of how they voted.

Under House rules, when legislators take action on bills in subcommittees, no votes are recorded. The practice has been used by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers over the years to kill bills without a leaving a voting trail.

Leading the effort to change the rule is the group Americans for Prosperity.

The Washington Post also highlights the effort:

Ben Marchi, state director for Americans for Prosperity, an anti-tax group, delivered a petition of more than 300 signatures to House GOP leaders this morning calling on them to record all subcommittee votes. Marchi, who said the signatures were gathered at the recent GOP retreat at The Homestead resort, called it a “transparency issue” so taxpayers know how their money is being spent.

“It is not a partisan issue,” Marchi said. “It’s a good government issue and government operates best when it operates openly.”

This is clearly an important issue and we need to give AFP our support. Please contact the Speaker’s office to share declare your support:

Speaker Bill Howell 
Virginia House of Delegates
General Assembly Building, Suite 635
P.O. Box 406 
Richmond, Virginia 23218 
Phone: (804) 698-1028
FAX: (804) 786-6310

Cuccinelli Wins Straw Poll at RPV Advance

***This is a exclusive***

Cuccinelli wins the RPV Advance Strawpoll. The results are as follows:

Cuccinelli, 47.8%
Brownlee, 38.4%
Foster, 13.8%

Statewide Petitions Update

They started counting petitions yesterday at RPV. At last count, it appears that the Cuccinelli campaign has more petitions than any other campaign by a large margin.

As of last night, McDonnell, Bolling, Brownlee, Foster, and Cuccinelli fulfilled the requirement.

In a show of Party unity, McDonnell and Bolling had been collecting signatures for themselves, as well as Brownlee, Foster, and Cuccinelli. Foster and Brownlee had participated in that effort as well.

UPDATED* Muldoon is having problems with his signatures and may not pass the requirement.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Bolling Receives Massive Support From Republican Leaders

RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling released an overwhelming list of Republican elected officials and party leaders who have agreed to lend their support to his 2009 re-election campaign. 

The list includes every Republican member of Virginia’s congressional delegation, more than 70 Republican members of the General Assembly and almost every member of the Republican Party’s State Central Committee. 

The list also includes more than 100 of the Republican Party’s county/city committee chairs, along with such party luminaries as former Senator George Allen, former Governor Jim Gilmore, former Lieutenant Governor John Hager and former Attorney General and 2005 gubernatorial nominee Jerry Kilgore.

Perhaps most significantly, the list also includes current Attorney General and 2009 gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell and all three of the Republican candidates currently seeking the GOP nomination for Attorney General, including Senator Ken Cuccinelli, former United States Attorney John Brownlee and former Arlington County School Board Chairman Dave Foster.

“I am very pleased by the pledges of support that my re-election campaign has gained from Republican party leaders and activists all across Virginia,” Bolling said.  “Their friendship, confidence and support mean a great deal to me, and their willingness to stand by my side at this early stage shows the broad strength of my campaign for Lieutenant Governor in 2009.”

McDonnell also added his public support to Bolling’s re-election campaign and encouraged fellow Republicans to line up early behind Bolling’s candidacy.  “Bill Bolling has been an outstanding Lieutenant Governor.  For the past three years we have worked side by side to support our conservative values and find positive solutions to the challenges facing our state,” McDonnell said.  “I need Bill Bolling as my running made and partner in state government for the next four years.  I encourage you to give Bill your support.”

Bolling was elected Lieutenant Governor in 2005 after serving for ten years in the Virginia State Senate.  In a year that favored Democrats, Bolling received more votes than any other statewide Republican candidate. 

Throughout his service in state government, Bolling has been recognized as one of Virginia’s most effective and consistent conservative leaders.  Bolling has championed the cause of keeping government small and focused on its core responsibilities and reducing excessive government spending and regulation.  He has also opposed every attempt by Democrat Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to raise taxes in Virginia.

Bolling is also regarded as a social conservative.  He is pro-life, having received a 100% pro-family rating from the Family Foundation.  He supports the Second Amendment having received an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and the endorsement of the NRA and the Virginia Citizens Defense League in 2005.  Bolling was also campaigned across Virginia in support of the Marriage Amendment in 2006, and raised thousands of dollars to run radio ads encouraging the amendment’s passage.

Bolling has also shown the ability to work on a bi-partisan basis to get things done in Richmond.  He has been one of the General Assembly’s leading voices on health care and natural resource issues.  In 2007, Bolling kicked off his 100 Ideas For The Future Of Virginia initiative, through which he has challenged the Republican Party to get back to being a party of issues and ideas and offering a positive vision for the future of Virginia that focuses on the issue family’s care most about. 

To learn more about Lieutenant Governor Bolling, please visit his web site at

To volunteer to lend your support to Lieutenant Governor Bolling’s re-election campaign,please click here.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Bush: Rebuilding and Redefining a Party, Part 1 by Kyle Dodd

The elections are over, the campaign signs are coming down, the transition teams are coming into place, and the Bush era is coming to an end.  The man who has spent the past 8 years redefining the “Conservative” movement will soon leave office, and the aftermath of his hurricane force politics are now becoming visible.   

To give Bush some credit, he has taken a lot of criticism, especially from the left over the past 4 years, and has kept rolling on like a freight train.  To have that kind of, well tenacity, is impressive by anyone’s standards.  Where I am confused though, is why the left, the Democrats, the liberals, were the ones who were the most critical.  The man who was a self proclaimed “Conservative through and through” should have been receiving his biggest boos and hisses from within his own party. 

As a true political conservative, I find myself everyday needing to explain to people what a “true conservative” is.  I find myself catching glares or being snickered at for telling people I am a conservative.  I feel like making a new name up sometimes for the party I belong to just so I am not categorized with Bush Era Conservatism, and to be honest, I don’t know how we got here.  The election in 2000 of a governor of a truly conservative state, who grew up around true conservative values and policies, raised in the wake of a father who served along side some of the greatest conservatives in the 20th century, should have meant pure gold for the Republican Party.  Yet, here we are, 8 years later, and it feels like a hurricane has moved through the Republican Party, and dismantled everything it stood for. 

Conservatism is now viewed by many as a bunch of radical Bible thumpers who love war, hate the poor, and love the rich.  We are now considered the party of elitists, who are to blame for the economic downfall that has left so many longing for hope and a better future, so much so, that one of the most liberal Senators in Congress was elected President by running on numerous CONSERVATIVE policies: tax breaks for 95% of the country, getting the government out of your wallet and out of your life, and giving power back to the people.  This is all due to the policies of the Bush era.

During the past 8 years, we have seen numerous liberal/federal policies put into place on the backs of the Bush administration, and leading Republicans alike.  We have seen the control and size of the federal government expand at a rate only equivalent to that of FDR’s administration throughout the 1930’s.  We have seen the government creep into our lives more and more with each passing year, and seen our tax dollars flushed down the toilet at an alarming rate.  We have seen bridges to nowhere, and special interest groups take hold of our hard earned tax dollars, and we have seen all this with the commander and chief only explaining his policies as “conservatism.” 

Now, many are much more hesitant than I am to put the blame on the Republicans and Bush, and say that the cause of all of this was September 11, 2001, but this is just not the case.  Yes, what happened on 9/11 was the most horrific thing imaginable.  Yes, we should have began preemptive strikes on terrorism across the country and globe to make sure this did not happen again, but we have veered so far off course from that, that saying this is all due to 9/11 is not even a valid argument.   

We have pumped billions of dollars into National Security and DHS, yet our boarders are no safer now than they were in 2001.  Yes, it is harder to get onto an airplane, but it is easier to jump our boarder from Mexico and Canada, and the safety and security at our ports is a joke.  We have former Mexican militants now running drug cartels back and forth across our boarder.  They are kidnapping American citizens and taking the back to Mexico.  We have an ever increasing gang problem from Latin American based groups who have freely migrated to the US without any problems jumping the boarder.  Where did all our money go?  If we are going to increase the size of government, and increase spending, we need to see results.   

We are now trillions of dollars in debt, and still increasing spending and the size of government.  Our “conservative” President passed a $700 billion dollar bailout package without hardly any oversight that has seen much of the first part of the bailout squandered and spent frivolously by the people who supposedly needed bailing out.  As conservatives, we should be furious.  We the people did not cause this, the institutions did it to themselves, so why are our hard earned tax dollars being spent on companies who want handouts?  Our money should be protected from frivolous spending, yet it seems everyday more and more is being spent without any oversight by the American people. This is all on the back of our “conservative” leader.   

Bush has also taken the Christian Coalition which Ronald Reagan brought together under the conservative wing, and amplified it to the point that now that is the main base of the Republican Party.  Now, I have no problems with Christians, I am a Christian.  What I do have a problem with is making Religion a key staple in the Republican Platform.  The forming of political conservatism, by men like Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry was to make government as small as possible, keep the government out of people’s lives and wallets (or satchels back then), and “separate church and state.”  Political Conservatism should be just that, political conservatism, not moral conservatism, or Christian conservatism, but political conservatism.  Religion should not run the government, nor should government run religion.   

After 8 years of these sorts of policies, what did we think was going to happen?  We practiced liberal/federal policies in the name of conservatism.  We all know that true conservative policies work.  We saw it during the boom of Eisenhower’s Presidency; we saw it during the first part of Nixon and Reagan’s Presidencies.  We saw it at the founding of our country during Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, and many others’ Presidencies.  So that’s where we are at now, a bunch of true, political conservatives without a true home, inside a broken party.  This is the aftermath of Hurricane Bush.

Barry Knight wins the 81st District Republican Canvass!

*Exclusive. Barry Knight has won the canvass and is the Republican nominee for the 81st Delegate District. had it here first!

Barry Knight won the Chesapeake precinct with 329 votes, to Paul Lanteigne’s 17, and Tom Keeley’s 12 rounding out the field.

Barry Knight has won the 2nd precinct, The Village at Rainbow. The total votes at Rainbow was 428 for Barry Knight, 389 for Paul Lanteign, and Tom Keeley with 218.

Capps Shop Precinct numbers are in and Barry Knight had 552 votes to Paul Lanteign’s 218 votes. Tom Keeley’s numbers will be in shortly!

It is official! Barry Knight is the Republican Nominee for the 81st Delegate District!

Barry Knight more than doubled his closest opponent, Lanteigne.

Congratulations are in order! would like to Congratulate Barry Knight on becoming the Republican Nominee in the 81st. The special election will take place on January 6th.